I ate Polony


By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

So in the midst of listeriosis and all I decided to eat magwinya (FatCakes) and Polony. I know , “What was she thinking?”. I had to rush off somewhere, so I forgot to have breakfast and the convenient thing to do was to get amagwinya.

Worst part is this other girl just watched me eat polony like it was nothing, I offered to share my food but she refused, leaving me to leave some for later when I got to work. I had completely forgotten about Listeriosis so when a colleague reminded me that eating polony is suicidal, I felt betrayed. Is that the reason she refused to eat with me? Is she trying to kill me?

Who would have thought we would be saying suicide and polony in one sentence? Interesting times we live in. After eating the polony, I had a tooth ache, headache and felt dizzy. Relax, I am okay.

Seriously though, Listeriosis is real and we should be safe.

The symptoms of listeriosis include fever, muscle aches, and sometimes nausea or diarrhea. If infection spreads to the nervous system, symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions can occur. But infected pregnant women may experience only a mild, flu-like illness.

Take care.


National Community Radio Week Awards

By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

NB:Thank you Ladine Professionals for the hair do. I felt pretty. CHECK @Ribi_Madubanya on instagram to see Lindiwe Radebe’s beautiful art work.

First of all, Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and wished me well on my nominations. The big day finally arrived and we jetted off to Bloemfontein. Well we used a bus, but I am not complaining.

We got to Bloem at 00:05 and had to wait a Good hour before Brian from NCRW came to fetch us, At least he asked if any of us was hungry and got us food. We got a resort at 03 am and slept. Friday morning we woke up, no one offered us breakfast .Luckily we had left over food from last night so we ate that.

At around 11 am, we were told to get going as we were being moved to Philip Saunders. I won’t tell anyone that the place looked deserted and that the bathrooms had no toilet papers or towels. Luckily when we got there our station manager had bought us breakfast.  We also had a bonding session with our sister stations and met other interesting people.

Then lunch time came …I am just going drop this picture here and not mention that one of the caterers fought with my colleague and told her she is done serving women.


Fast forward to the actual ceremony. Truth be told, I had fun and enjoyed the Performances. I can overlook the fact that the food was just as disappointing and that we had to buy ourselves drinks. Any way after the ceremony One of my colleagues had to fight with another girl over meat. Yup! Meat. That’s how bad the food situation was.

Anyway by that time we all wanted to go home. Two taxis were assigned to take us back to Joburg not even that went smoothly. I would need the whole day to tell you why one of my colleagues was almost dragged out of the taxi by a prominent figure in the NCRF.

Thank you Free State For hosting this beautiful initiative and encouraging Community radio stations to keep doing what they do.

Hanging out with Niniola Apata



By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

The gorgeous Nigerian songstress recently visited South Africa for the first time ever,and of course how can you say you have been to South Africa without checking out Alexandra Township. (Yes! She confirmed that Pan Africa mall looks a bit like Lagos). The qualified teacher schooled us on how she pulls those cool dance moves and was even willing to share her egesu soup with us provided we also share some of our delicious South African food with her.

The Maradona hit maker confirmed our suspicion that the name was inspired by Barcelona FC  midfielder Diego Maradona. However the concept was inspired by players aka F boys. Yes , even beautiful and talented people like Niniola do have F boy problems.

How easy was it for her to be as big as she is?

Back at school she had her own music request show where some of her friends would come and request songs for her to sing. Despite everyone telling her that she is talented, she had her fair share of NOs. She got turned down on a lot of auditions  she decided to quit the music industry. Until her big break came in 2013 after finishing third runner-up on the sixth season of Project Fame West Africa.

We are definitely glad she didn’t give up on her music dream.

Lesson learnt: A destiny delayed is not a destiny denied and don’t ever give up on your dreams.

#SAFTA12 Nominees announced


Pic cred: @SAFTAS1, Twitter

SAFTAS 2018 Nominees announced

By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs), managed under the custodianship of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, announced the nominees of the 12th Annual South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS 12) at Inanda Club on Friday, 2nd February 2018.Hosted by  the gorgeous Masechaba Ndlovu .There will be a special event held to celebrate the nominees on 9 March at Sun City followed by the main event  which will be held on the 22-24th of march 2018 at Sun city in the North West

And the nominees are…

Best Short Film

Apocalypse Now Now

The Hangman

Vlees van my vlees

Best Student Film                           




This year the awards has 79 categories as well 4 discretionary awards. For more info check out.

One of the nominees Tina Jaxa acted surprised when her name was announced. “I really wasn’t expecting this at all, I had actually planned to leave the industry last year. I guess I will bow out with A Bang” she said

Hold up, is Tina Jaxa quitting the entertainment Industry?

Congratulations to all the nominees and we wish them the best of luck.

Protect your Happiness

Protect your Happiness

By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

“You will be disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them, not everyone has the same heart as you”-Unknown

I really need to know this by heart because I constantly break my heart helping people who couldn’t be bothered when it their turn. Funny thing about this kind of people is that they feel like you are entitled to helping them.

I am not getting any younger and each day comes with a dash of wisdom. I have decided to stop entertaining people who do not make me feel good in anyway. From friends who don’t celebrate my success, lying and cheating boyfriends who don’t know what they want in life to family members who are only related to me when it’s convenient for them.

I have met both devils and angels on earth.  The devils will love you when you fall for their stunts, they will tag you on jokes they see on Facebook but won’t let you know when opportunity arises. Boyfriend will lie, cheat and make you believe you are the crazy one when confronting them and when you finally get over them and forget them, they call you and tell you how you the best thing that’s ever happened to them and how much they miss you. (Uuhm, leave me alone. go tell the other girl that BS, she might believe you). Family members will not check you in years, I mean. no call, no text, no catch up lunches but as soon as you get nominated for awards they tell everybody how you guys are related.

Still on the awards tip, please vote, voting lines close on the 31 of January 2018.Ribi

The angels are the kind of friends who will make you wonder what you did to deserve them, they will support your dreams, be genuinely happy for you when you do well and cheer you on. The boyfriend will pray for you, remind you to pray before going to sleep. Campaigns for you when you need votes, not only will he call you a queen, he will treat you better than a Queen. I grew up to know that family is love, someone you not biologically related to can be more family than your own blood can ever be. With Family, you trust them, you tell them your fears and dreams because with them your heart is safe. They will want for you what they want for themselves.

In 2018, we let go of anything and anyone that does not make us happy.

To the ANGELS, I appreciate you.



Festive Greetings


By Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya

Last blog post for the year ! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my posts. from the bottom of my heart I am really grateful.Thank you for the comments,likes,shares,re-tweets,stopping me on the streets and the constructive criticism . I am genuinely grateful.

I hope you continue to show me the same love you have shown me in 2018 and I also promise to give you nothing but the best of blog posts.

Merry Christmas and a Very happy new year. I wish you all things happiness.


Moribego “Ribi” Madubanya






By Moribego ‘Ribi’ Madubanya

Mariah Carey wasn’t kidding when she sang “obsessed”. I know this because I Know what it feels like to have a stalker.

My first experience with stalking was in high school when a guy called ‘Keletso M’ harassed the hell out of me. At first I thought it was just an innocent crush, till this day I don’t know what he looks like or if that’s his real name. All I know about him is that he is a year older than me and went to St marks College. I don’t know how he got my numbers but he wanted us to date, I obviously refused because how do you date someone you don’t know?

He would call every single day without fail till I got curious and wanted to see what he looked like, then a friend called and said he is scared. I got annoyed and told him to never contact me but he didn’t listen so I got hostel mates to tell him off. He took it easy on the calls and went to smses, I blocked his number but then that cellular network had unlimited call backs and he would send no less than a 100 call backs a day. (I swear I am not exaggerating)

But that’s not all, whenever I was home for the weekend he would call and say “I can see you, you are wearing a lime green skirt with floral prints” this always made me run for my life, It made so uncomfortable and I felt so unsafe knowing that someone is watching me and I don’t know what they look like. What hurt the most was that when I told people including my family they laughed it off as an innocent crush.

One school holidays he called my mom’s number, I have no idea no idea how he got her numbers but that was the breaking point for me. I called the cops but a female cop laughed at me and said it was just an innocent crush till I explained everything to her. They called him and after that he called, apologised and never bothered me again. Well I also changed numbers.

Second stalking incident was in 2015, this time I was being stalked by a girl. Of course it had something to do with a boy. She would like and immediately unlike my instagram posts, oh the was a time where she tagged herself on my face book picture. It went from that to getting texts like “Why are you such a bi**h” I called the numbers back and she said she sent the text to a wrong number.

She went on to just call and keep quiet; when I stopped answering she went on to social media. Whenever she and her friends saw me at the library they would shout out my latest post. Even went as far as quoting my blog posts (when blog posts so great they can’t even hate)

Two years later she is still obsessed with me; earlier this year on the day I got my driver’s licence she called pretending to be from this media company, when she heard about me getting my licence she told me how petrol prices always go up. I was annoyed but did not let that dampen my spirit, I still celebrated getting my licence.

What am I going to do with this one?

Not everything and everyone is worth your time and energy.

Third and hopefully last incident is with someone called “ Machell” aka “Akaziwa”  this one is the definition of crazy. I Would find her entertaining but she disturbs my sleep. Sometimes he’s male the next she’s female. She started on WhatsApp pretending to be this Zulu guy who finds me irresistible when I blocked her she resorted to calling me at 02 am. My sister told me to stop answering cause “what if it’s a demon?” so girl you can stop calling, I won’t answer. I sent her a text saying “If you don’t stop calling, I will sue you for harassment” lol, I woke up to four missed calls.

The last call I answered she told me how she will be with him while I attend the awards ceremony, hold up I meant when I go to collect my awards. Imagine! Baby girl, your career will never wake up one day and decide to leave you.

She also told me how she hopes I don’t win, pssh, Wish not granted. Greater things are coming.


Anyway thanks for listening to my award winning radio show, reading my blog posts and taking interest in my social media accounts. I am humbled.






Relationships closed for December


Relationships closed for December
By Moribego ‘Ribi’ Madubanya
Festive season is upon us and truth be told everyone is in high spirits and letting their guards down except the chop squad.
Chop squad (Noun) A group of male whores who think it’s cool to sleep around and often brag about the number of girls they slept with.
One day after work I took a walk with master chopper, a friend of mine who decided to give me free advice on how boys’ minds work. Now because I am a nice person I will share what he told me.
“Boys are taught to be w****s from the minute they are born. They could have an amazing girl in their lives but they will still feel the need to sleep around just so they can brag when with friends.” He said
He also told me that if you want to hurt a guy, sleep with their best friend because as much as they act like they don’t care, seeing someone making you happy kills them. That’s why they always want to come back when you are in a new relationship. It has nothing to do with their love for you, they just don’t want the new guy to make you happy.
If their friend hits on you, don’t tell them. They will still be friends but low key beef.
Oh he also told me that the 90 days rule doesn’t work and that a guy can wait for years, go to church with you and then leave you afterwards. And the is absolutely no way to tell if a boy really loves you or not.
Why is he part of the chop squad? Well because he feels bad when his friends talk about the girls they chopped while he has no story to share.
Why do boys lie?
Because 4 out of 5 girls want a serious relationship while 4 out of 5 guys just want to chop and leave.
What if the girl you want also just wants to be chopped?
They don’t want to lose the opportunity, so it’s better to make them think you love them
Do they get attached to the girls they sleep with?
“Definitely, Every single one of them. You can’t sleep with someone and not get attached. It’s possible to be in love with more than one person”
You are welcome ladies, Happy Holidays.

Date with the EX


Date with the EX
By Moribego ‘Ribi’ Madubanya
Before you judge me I am not talking about the emotional abuser, I would never do that, especially not during 16 days of activism against women and children abuse.
The ex I am talking about was also kind of a jerk, so I haven’t been to the date yet but I already know it’s a No from me.
What happened is two years ago , I thought he was the yummiest thing on earth, a dream come true ,my prince charming and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him. But what did he do? Spent his time entertaining other girls and gave me no attention. I took my tiny broken heart and moved on with life.
2 years later, I bump into him and he’s on some “I will never forgive myself for losing you” psssh not much has changed about him. Now he is running after me like a headless chicken. Calling me late at night because he ‘wants me to be the last person he speaks to before going to sleep’.
I am not going to lie, he knows my weak spots. He uses his son to soften me up because he knows I love kids. That’s probably why I agreed to go on this date. I lie, he mentioned food and I screamed, yes!
Did I tell you he thinks the date will be at my place? *Rolls eyes* some people will never change. Don’t tell him I moved places and that I won’t drink the wine he says he is bringing.
Go fake love someone else




Its a Sabotage !


It’s a sabotage!
By Moribego ‘Ribi’ Madubanya
Sad truth about being sabotaged is no one ever believes you because the perpetrator makes it seem like it’s your fault. Unless they do a lousy job like reporting your blog post on facebook claiming it contains nudity when you wearing an oversized hoodie in the picture you used. Or intentionally not give you the script when going on air.
No one will try to sabotage mediocrity, if they try to sabotage you it means they see the beast that you are. Continue being great. I take sabotages as a compliment. It means you realise the power I possess and you are trying to prevent others from seeing it. It means you are threatened by me.

“Get to a point in life where other people’s success doesn’t offend you”-Nells
Don’t get me wrong; I am only human which means I will sometimes make mistakes but that’s how we learn .And I know the difference between constructive and destructive critics. I know when someone is intentionally throwing me into the fire because they believe in me and want me to come out even better than I was and when they throw me into the fire hoping I burn and never return.
What you don’t get is when you sabotage me; you are only motivating me and trust me to come out 10X greater than I was.
Throw me to the wolves, I will return leading the pack.