Yvonne Chaka chaka Honored


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By Moribego Madubanya

 In Good Company Experience Summit will bestow an honorary award on world acclaimed musician, Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

 The music veteran and humanitarian Yvonne Chaka Chaka will be honoured for the amazing work she does on the continent at the inaugural summit taking place on 28 August,2018 in Sandton. Affectionately known as The Princess of Africa across the world, Chaka Chaka is a champion for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, the United Nations MDG Envoy for Africa, and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.

Chaka Chaka has also established her own charity, the Princess of Africa Foundation, using the name first given to her in Uganda. The Princess of Africa Foundation is a partner of the ACTION global health advocacy partnership. In 2012, she was the first African woman to receive the WEF’s Crystal Award.

 Jabulile Gwala, Founder of In Good Company said: “Yvonne Chaka Chaka personifies the kind of women we all aspire to be. We believe that following in her footsteps will encourage us to further contribute towards building the Africa of tomorrow”.

The inaugural experience is designed to celebrate women and to create an inclusive space for industry professionals, influential women, culture and thought leaders.

“Following the initial announcement of speakers, we are thrilled to announce that one of South Africa’s most influential musicians Thandiswa Mazwai will join the Arts and Music panel and actress Enhle Mbali Maphumulo will give the second address of the day on the film industry’ says Gwala.

Kaya FM’s Managing Director Greg Maloka will also join the Arts, Media & Film panel powered by 1Magic on the topic ‘Africa influencing the global cultures.

To offer a full experience, delegates will also get the opportunity to engage with each other during the experiential sessions on hair management from hair experts and having a touch up of their make-up while tasting theme-based cocktails.

Who wouldn’t want to meet Insecure’s Issa Rae? Get yourself a ticket.



Ribi turning unbelievers into beleivers

Ribi. Supplied photo

PEOPLE are erratic. A high school teacher that told Moribego Madubanya that she wouldn’t be able to crack it in the media industry, has now become one of her fans.

“She posted on my Facebook page saying that she’s proud of me when I got nominated at the radio awards. I felt like commenting, saying ‘but you remember what you told me…’ but I didn’t, I just said thank you. That for me means I can do anything if I put my mind to and that I should never ever listen to someone tell me that I can’t do anything,” says Madubanya.

Popularly known as Ribi…Madubanya is growing her name as one the country’s dedicated young female radio content producers. In just months of her joining Alex FM, Madubanya was nominated in the National Community Radio Week Awards in two categories, The Best Talk Show and Best documentary show. “That was a huge deal for me. It meant I was on the right track. A few months after that, I got nominated at the Liberty awards, for Best content producer,” she says.

Having arrived in Gauteng in 2014 to pursue her media interests, the 23 year-old  did her three year course at Boston Media House where she got her Diploma. “At the same time, I was working for a local newspaper, Greater Alex. After I graduated I decided to do radio.”

She says she’ll never stop writing, as it is her first love- she still writes on her blog every Thursday. But she jumped at the opportunity to join Alex FM when, while working for a business magazine that didn’t stretch her creatively. “At the business magazine I felt like, I wasn’t allowed to be as creative as I want to be. I wanted something more challenging. So I came to Alex FM…I actually had been trying to come to Alex FM for a couple of times,” she says, bursting into laughter.

Thanks to an article she wrote on Greater Alex, which was read on air by 702 broadcaster John Robbie, when 702 had a partnership with the community radio station that saw Robbie co-host his show with the Alex FM breakfast show. “He read my article on Alex FM and 702 simultaneously, that’s when Alex FM management started taking me serious.”

With no radio experience to her name, Madubanya was thrown into the deep when management put her in the drive time show to produce that coveted slot. “There was no producer for that show and management said ‘here’s a vacancy let’s see what you can do’ and in less than a year I had three award nominations.”

Management was impressed by the young lady from Botlokwa in Limpopo. Now that she’s solidified her name as content producer, she’s getting familiar with being in front of the mic and camera. “I do go on air, once in a while as a stand-in. It’s something I’m definitely looking into, for the future…I’ll be more on air and in front of the camera as time goes,” she says.

She has also worked as a line producer for musical film, Go Getta. “I want to be a media mogul. I come from Botlokwa and not a many people from there are in the media industry.”

Madubanya recalls a time when she was in high school, during the holidays when she had a recorder with her and wanted to interview some of the kids in the village on the device but was barred from doing so by her late grandmother. “I feel like when you’re from the village, you’re kinda forced to shrink yourself and not be a big dreamer. She said I can’t use the recorder there because people will think I’m trying to be better than them. ”

Reluctantly, she tucked the recorder away. “I felt like I had to be apologetic about my dreams. I feel that’s wrong.” With the work she’s doing now, she’s laying the foundation for other kids where she comes from and also reaffirming their dreams.

As the country celebrates women’s month, Madubanya believes women are still being seen as sexual objects-she gets asked questions like ‘who did you sleep with’ whenever award nominations come her way. “In every industry, there’s still patriarchy.”

Being a girl in South Africa


By Moribego Ribi Madubanya

Being a female in SA is a nightmare. You walk around with fear of being raped or mugged, you get undermined at work. You get cat called on the streets and get insulted when you don’t entertain them.

I personally have had a lot of rape threats and attempts. From strangers, colleagues, potential employers and potential business partners. In public transports and even when I am driving my car. I do not feel safe even when I am in an uber or taxify . It doesn’t help that one driver tried to run off with my phone.  What the heck ! I don’t even feel safe when walking.

Whether its daylight or dark, I live in constant fear of what might happen? It doesn’t help that three of the girls I grew up playing with weren’t able to fight the perpetrators off. I had one childhood friend shut everyone out after she was violated in ways that no one could explain.  She didn’t get out of the house for months and stayed off social media. When I tried visiting her ,all she did was cry. Till this day her sobs still haunt me.

Rape attempt is traumatic enough, I am not over the trauma yet. I can only imagine what survivors have to go through. My heart sincerely goes to those who survived such a violation of their body, soul and mind.

Boyfriends haven’t been the best as well. They either cheat, lie to you or verbally, emotionally and physically abuse you, Then they tell you “ I don’t know how to love and be loved” .  They will tell you “I can only express myself sexually because I have been told that’s how a man communicates”

Our society and government keeps failing us as females. The people who raised these men failed us, the justice systems that lets them walk free has failed us.  These  boys are not scared of prison anymore because they will tell you “I will go to prison, study for free and eat that fried chicken” I mean they get strippers in prison , so what you saying ?

I am sincerely and deeply disappointed in the justice system  and the society that we live in. I had one stranger try to drag me at the mall and no one dared to help, because what if they help and get killed in the process?

Every single year we have campaigns, walks, protests and marches against gender based violence. But the number of females being killed by their partners and raped doesn’t go down. Clearly something drastic and different needs to be done for females to be safe.

I heard that 3 boys were burnt to death in Alex because they robbed people at gun point and I can say I didn’t feel sorry for them. Because we live in terror of being killed for the things we work hard for. Yes call me heartless, but I would sit and  watch a criminal being killed and not feel a thing.

South Africa, you have failed to raise men. You have failed your women.


Churches a Business?


By Moribego Ribi Madubanya

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of God’s work and I do believe that prayer works. What I don’t get is how do you Pay thousands of Rands for a one on one session with your pastor?  Didn’t God say “What you freely get you must freely give”

I know a church that charges R3000 just to talk to your pastor, if he sees two people in a day that’s R6000 . If I am paying that kind of money I better be able to have tea with God and catch up.

A friend of mine always jokes that he is considering starting his own church as a business. Because “ Blessed is the hand that gives” The is always money coming in , Tithes, 13 contributions in one sermon and then its “God’s children can anyone please donate a million we want to buy a new building for God’s work. You will be greatly blessed”

Uhm.. Of course I will be blessed.  It doesn’t cost a cent to kneel down and pray for yourself ,besides isn’t it better if the prayer comes from the horse’s mouth?

I heard that the word said “At the end of the days, the will be fake churches.” And I also heard that not everyone who uses God’s name is godly.

You are probably thinking “Who made you holier than thou?”   I am not claiming to be God’s bestie but I think I am old enough and have been through a lot to know when someone is taking advantage of people’s vulnerability .

But then again because we used to have the spirit of Ubuntu ,South Africans are very trusting therefor making them very vulnerable.


Thou shalt not Judge and stay prayerful




Bae is gay

Screenshot_20180718-173348~2.pngBy Moribego Ribi Madubanya

Wow Guys! can my love life just touch the hem of Jesus’s garment.

So after all that I have been through, I finally meet an amazing guy who treats me right,feeds me,buys me flowers. Introduce me to his mom and takes long romantic walks with me. There I was thanking the Lord for sending me this angel.

Few months later, we were chatting and I realized we didn’t even kiss. So I tell him how this good looking guy asked me out and I turned him down   His reply ? *in a high pitched voice* “Are you crazy ! Had he asked me out I would have said yes”

Uuhhm.. As puzzled as I was , I told him that I also bumped into this hot male model   and that he was still in the building.He wanted us to run so he can go see him.

I gathered all the strength in me and asked if he is gay . It’s as if he had just discovered that himself. He  first denied the allegations then later said “I don’t know”

That was the end of us but the is definitely no love lost , we remain good friends .


Love will come when love must

Radio Days Africa


By Moribego Ribi Madubanya

Radio is one the most respected and oldest medium of communication. This year Wits Radio Academy in association with some of their partners held a 4 days conference for Radio Practitioners. Each session had an expert educating the attendees about a certain topic.

Some of the lessons learnt.


*Be specific about what you want.

*Associate yourself with the right people.


Okay. y’all know I got the juice on some of your favorites. But I am gonna be nice to other kids because I still want to play with them at the next event.



To bleach or not to bleach


Skin Lightening

By Moribego Madubanya

Remember when I posted, Am I darker than her? Well this is a follow up blog.

I had the privilege of attending a skin lightening event, and on the panel we had renowned Dermatologist Dr Danne Montague-King.

He first discussed why people feel the need to lighten their skin. Most are encouraged by society and what the media says beauty is. Some people bleach their skins because they believe the lighter they are the prettier they become. To my surprise a lot of men also bleach their skins.  He explained how everyone has the same amount of melanin; the only difference is how it’s placed.

The darker the skin, the longer it will take for you to age.  One speaker by the name of Thulisile spoke about how she was the lighter one in her family but still felt ugly because she wondered why she was different from the others. She explained how she would spend time in the sun hoping to be as dark as the other kids.

Moral of the story: Beauty is not defined by your complexion. It’s internal.  Fathers please tell your daughters they are beautiful, it holds more weight than when they hear it from strangers.


You are beautiful.


Youth Day 2018

By Moribego Ribi Madubanya


The youth of 1976 fought against Apartheid and on June 16 the iconic March against Afrikaans being used as a medium of instruction at schools ensued.

The youth of 2018 is faced with high rate of unemployment,  Expensive tertiary education and we live in a crime ridden society. Alexandra township youth decided to take Matters in their own hands, and in the spirit of June 16 they organized a March against gun violence.

Community members met at Yarona Building to sign petitions and later walked from Pan mall to 15 Avenue Alexandra police station to hand in the petition. The walk was themed #BuildingSafeCommunities #AsaferAlex




IMG_20180603_061635By Moribego Ribi Madubanya

24 th annual South African Music Awards took place on the 2nd of June in Sun city, North West. The ceremony was hosted by Radio and TV personalities Dineo Ranaka alongside choreographer Somizi and Mpho Popps (Comedian)

What would the awards be without a little bit of drama. SKolopad fainted and the Paramedics had to get her out of the venue. Rumor has it she refused to be taken to hospital and insisted that she was just exhausted and asked to be dropped off at the hotel instead.

Congratulations to all the winners  my personal favorites Shekhinah bagged three awards. One of them being Album of the year while Shane Eagle got Best Hip Hop album and Distruction boyz got Record of the year award and how can I forget Lady Zamar who got the best dance Album.

For more information check out @TheSAMAs on Twitter.

Let’s keep singing and dancing along.

ALEX’S Got Talent

By Moribego Ribi Madubanya

On the 19th and 20th of May almost 600 Joburgers joined in 25 free community-led walks in 11 different neighbourhoods across the city as part of the Johannesburg Development Agency’s #JoziWalks2018 weekend.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Alex walk and got to see amazing artworks of artists such as Siphiwe Ngwenya and Thomas Machaba without further adure…

Thomas Machaba’s art work . He was turned down in different art galleries



outside the late Flabba’s home